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Embrace OmU

Embrace OmU

Media, advertisement and society give a body picture with which we compare ourselves and others. The Australian photographer and triple mother Taryn Brumfitt did`t want to accept this any more. Taryn Brumfitt proceeds on a trip around the globe to find out, why so many women do not like their body in such a way as it is. She meets women who have their own experiences with Bodyshaming and body perception. Taryns message is: Love your body like it is, you have only one!

Genre: Dokumentation
Produktionsland: USA, Australien, Kanada, Deutschland, Dominikanische Republik, Großbritannien, Frankreich
Produktionsjahr: 2017
Filmlänge: 86 Minuten


Taryn Brumfitt travels around the world to find out, why women are ashamed of their body and what we can do against it.